Video Game "Rehab" Group for Video Game Addiction


Has your teen lost interest in activities they used to enjoy?  Are they falling behind in school?  Is your child lacking in social interactions?  Is this all due to constantly gaming?  Are you concerned that your teen may have a video game addiction?

Then this is the right group for you and your child!  You are in the right place for help!  Trying to monitor the amount of time your child is gaming can cause great stress and friction in your relationship.  You have noticed the signs and seen the red flags but it is almost impossible to curb the amount of time your child spends playing video games despite every effort you have made to do so.

Studies have shown that video games ignite the pleasure center of the brain.  Who doesn't want to ignite the pleasure center?  It is so easy for young individuals to fall into this trap.  Once they fall they fall hard.  This is where the need to play starts.  This leads to loss of interest in activities that don't create this euphoric feeling.  Family, school, and friends take a back seat to this monster.

There is help!  I have created a group structured to address every aspect of the gaming "addiction" that is well on the rise among today's youth.  Through counseling strategies and brain health coaching your child will learn the biology behind craving to game and improve their overall brain health functioning.  They will socialize and interact with peers and feel a sense of belonging.  We will explore other activities that will peek their interest and improve self worth and confidence.    They will learn better time management skills and self regulation which are lifelong skills that every child needs to live a happy, healthy, and productive life!

What to Expect

This 10 week group will include an initial intake with the parent or guardian to get to know the family and the child in depth.  I will also meet with the child for an individual session to build rapport and have that one on one connection.  After the group meets 5 times I will meet with the parents again.  I strongly feel that parental support is necessary to navigate through this challenging process.    At the conclusion of the group we will hold a family session to discuss the progress your child has made and put a next steps action plan in place that is agreeable between you and your child!

Contact me today to get started on a journey of change....727-275-7550!